Following a cop chase by air (Sahrani Life: Reloaded 1.01)

Sahrani Life is a Multiplayer mission created and scripted by Issetea and Fewo. It has the same RPG playing background as Crime City OFP:R and SahraniVille have. Scripting has begun around October/November 2007, when Issetea and Fewo started to make a RPG mission called Nogova Life in OFP, but assigned it to ArmA days later. The current Sahrani Life version is 1.67.

The "Goal"Edit

Despite the fact that there is no general goal, players can set up goals by themselves.
Such goals are i.e. Earning alot of money, opening new farming/fishing businesses, drug dealing and so on.. It depends on the player's creativity.


Сначала нужно выбрать за кого играть: За полицию или же за гражданских.


Several markers are used in the game to help people to locate other people. In this picture a cop marker (Green), a civ marker (Yellow) and a wanted civ marker (Red) is seen.


основная статья: Police
Полицейские появляются на Police Base. Ваша задача - сохранять порядок на улицах, следить за гражданскими, а также выполнять указания мэра.
Ваша зарплата - 2500$, но вам нельзя покупать точки или магазины. Нехорошие полицейские (например те, кто передает оружие гражданским бесплатно или берут взятку) будут НАКАЗАНЫ!!!11

The FieldEdit


North Sahrani in Issetea's Sahrani Life 1.50


The island of Sahrani in Unforgiven's SL:R V2 edit

Sahrani Life is using the nation of North Sahrani in the mission, concentrating on the city of Bagango. But still players can drive off the nation or island and hide at other places.
Some Sahrani Life edits take place in South Sahrani or even in both nations to enhance the gameplay.


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  • Workers are/were called "Hure" (German for whore) in the script.