A hideout is your own "house" which allows you to store items and weapons. Each Hideout comes standard with a Firepit, Flag, Ammo crate, Tent (of various sizes). The Flag allows you to choose addons to buy, locking, delete (goes back in inventory), and storage.
There is no difference (except in size) between each Hideout. Stuff in storage is deleted when you remove the hideout or when you disconnect. On disconnect, your old hideout is returned to your inventory, but you have to rebuy the addons.

Sorts Edit

Hideouts come in 3 flavors.

Small - 15k $

Medium - 20k $

Large - 45k $

Addons Edit

You can buy the following addons for your Hideout:

  • Medic addon (allows you to heal at your hideout) - 2500 $
  • On-Line Banking (allows you to use your hideout like a normal bank) - 5000 $

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