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Factories allow you to manufacture most of SLs objects like cars, food, weapons, and etc. The various factories are scattered throughout Sahrani so a fuel efficient truck or even better, a chopper, is recommended. Most people tend to sell their creations for just under market price. Hooray capitalism!

For all the factories the resources need to be in its storage.

Resource Factory Edit

(Image of Factory on map)

Located just West of the city hall

Creates the basic resources required for everything

Costs $20,000

Resources Cost

Mineral Oil

             Petroleum   1
             Coal        1

Electric Components

             Silicon     2
             Copper      4
             Mineral Oil 1

Black Powder

             Coal        2
             Sulfur      2


             Wood        1


             Sand        2
             Coal        2
             Silicon     1


             Mineral Oil 1
             Coal        1
             Sand        1

Steel Wool

             Steel       1

Notes Edit

  • Make alot of coal, its used in everything

Ore Smelter Edit

(Map image)

Located past Everon (contaminated zone)

Creates Steel and Gold bars

$40,000 Needs to be checked


            Iron        2
            Coal        2

Gold Bars

            Gold Nugget 70
            Coal        5

Notes Edit

Vehicle Factory Edit


Located South of Bagango

All land vehicles here

$$$ ?

(Most of the cars, not pickups)

            Steel       10
            Comp.       1
            Mineral Oil 5

BMP Ambul

            Steel       250
            Wood        50
            Elec.       20
            Glass       2
            Plastic     30
            Mineral Oil 20

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